• The area covered in the survey of streets for this database follows the boundaries of the Govan Burgh as it was in 1912 at time of annexation to Glasgow. (See Map)

• All Grid References and Longitude and Latitude are taken at approximately the midpoint along the length of the street or road.

• Old Ordnance Survey maps are made possible by the use of permalinks courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

• Street numbers in red no longer exist.

• Block names are also listed as it was common in Victorian times for blocks of buildings to be named differently from the street(s) they were located on and the blocks could be located in one or more streets. Street numbers given have possibly changed over time.

• All possible steps have been made to ensure the information in the database is accurate, if you notice any inaccuracies please contact acumfaegovan from our contact page on the site.