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"The Govan Chronicle" was the first Govan newspaper and was published in 1875 by John Cossar. In 1878 Cossar first published "The Govan and Partick Press" and in 1881 after moving to new premises in Portland Place, Govan it was renamed "The Govan Press".

John Cossar had to move again when Portland Place was forced to make way for Graving Dock No. 3. A new building was built opposite on the Govan Road near Burndyke Street. The "Govan Press buildings" built between 1888-1890 were designed by Frank Stirrat, the Category B listed building at 577-581 Govan Road still exists today and has carved panels with portraits of Caxton, Guttenberg, Burns, Scott and Mr and Mrs Cossar.

John Cossar died in 1890 soon after the completion of his new Press Buildings and his wife took over the management of the business expanding it in 1891 by publishing the "Renfrew Press" and the "Clydebank Press", Mrs Cossar was to run the business for 35 years until her death in 1926. The Cossars had two sons Andrew and Tom, Andrew became head of the family business and Tom manufactured printing presses and was the inventor of the "Cossar Press", the Scottish Printing Archival Trust is currently working to save and preserve a Cossar Press one of the earliest flat bed presses to print on a roll of newsprint instead of sheets.

Cossars closed down on the 4th May 1983 much to the disappointment of most Govanites who had to wait 23 years for the return of the Govan Press.

In 2006 Matt Lynch journalist and former editor of the Ayrshire Post revives "The Govan Press" with a free monthly publication.

In 2008 "The Govan Press" was bought by John MacLean Media Ltd, the company was owned by John MacLean who had been a freelance sub-editor for many national newspapers including the Sun and News of the World and was also the editor of Premier Publishing. "The Govan Press" was revamped and renamed "The Govan and Glasgow SouthWest Press" that allowed expansion of the free monthly publication into the areas in South West Glasgow out with Govan. However to preserve local identity in the publication masthead distributed in Govan the words "Govan Press" were prominently highlighted.

In 2011 John MacLean Media Ltd changed its name to The Glasgow Press Ltd. and launched "The SouthSide Press" and the words "Govan Press" feature exclusively on the masthead once again.

The Glasgow Press Ltd. is based in Orkney Street Enterprise Centre a building that was formerly the Govan Burgh Chambers, Police Station and Fire Station. The SouthSide Press and The Govan Press are free and are now published twice a month with a joint circulation of 30,000 and a readership of 50,000.

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