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Govan which sits on the south bank of the River Clyde is a district in the South West of Glasgow in Scotland with origins as an early Christian settlement dating back to the 6th century, evidence shows that Govan was also an important part of the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde with sculptures from this period still surviving today in Govan. In the 19th century Govan rose from a picturesque village of farmers, weavers and fishermen to a Police Burgh which was at the technological forefront of marine engineering and iron shipbuilding boasting the 5th largest population in Scotland. In 1912 Govan was incorporated into Glasgow, however the people of Govan continued to proclaim to be Govanites first and Glaswegians second.

Even after 100 years of being part of Glasgow many Govanites when asked "are you from Glesga" still reply with "na, Acumfaegovan" (No, I come from Govan). The term/phrase Acumfaegovan (Acumfaegovin, Ahcumfaegovan, Ahcumfaegovin) is well known among Govanites with Sir Alex Ferguson reputedly having the term hanging proudly at his offices of Manchester United. (read more on the annexation of Govan to Glasgow here...)

This website acumfaegovan aims to highlight and celebrate Govan's history, heritage and people and to promote and celebrate the present development of Govan as a community. The site is still under construction and content is added on a weekly basis, we are currently working on the early history of Govan and hope to have it up soon. Meanwhile please visit the pages featured below.

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Govan Galleries

Govan Galleries

Click on image above to view the Govan Galleries, including Old Govan Postcards, Govan In Art and Govan In Film.


RMS Britannia

Click the Britannia above to visit the Govan-Built section, includes features on the Shipyards and the Builders also includes a list of ships built at the Govan Yards.

Acumfaegovan Forum

acumfaegovan forum

Click the image above to visit Acumfaegovan Forum and post your queries and contribute your own stories and pictures of Govan.

Govan Street Search

Click the image above to search the Govan Streets database containing facts on nearly 500 street names past and present.